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SMS Central, OneBlink’s SMS wholesaler confirmed today (10th December 2018) that they will no longer support Premium SMS (PSMS)/SMS to 19 numbers, as of the 12th of December @ 11:59pm.

SMS Central’s decision to no longer support PSMS has come on the back of Australia’s major Telco’s dropping support for 19 SMS across their networks, with Telstra announcing this decision with a recent web article here and with Optus’ documented PSMS issues here.

OneBlink unreservedly apologises for the short notice but we can confirm we had received no prior communication about this event from SMS Central. While the BounceBack service is based off of the Premium model where users send a message to retrieve content, this was never based on an ongoing subscription, the content sent back was always user initiated and community related, something the Telco’s never quite understood and subsequently, we were lumped into the category of content marketers via 19 services like ringtone and wallpaper sellers.

Previously we had communicated our intention to ‘end-of-life’ the BounceBack service during 2019, however these external factors have forced our hand to end the PSMS component of BounceBack this week. With that said:

  • We will continue to operate and manage the website, allowing web-apps that are updated by the BounceBack website to be unaffected.
  • If you still require an SMS facility to be implemented in place of the 19 service, please contact me directly. OneBlink can set up a service that a user will be able to message to, but the SMS’ returned will be at a cost to your organisation. Please contact me for more information.

Should you require more information contact Jay Atkins on 02 4322 1355.

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