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About the service

Have you ever fielded complaints from rate payers or sporting clubs looking for ground information?

Does your switchboard or customer service desk go into overload when it rains?

Are you in search of a more robust reliable solution than a recorded message on an answering machine?

Better info

If you answered Yes! to any of the above, then blinkNotices could be the answer. Low cost and easy to set-up – we have fully implemented some Councils within 72 hours of their order confirmation.

blinkNotices is a secure web based solution that is easily customised for each Council. Setting up a Council involves establishing a unique keyword for each ground or public facility. Once established, the solution allows a Council to publish information quickly and easily for every sporting ground, every day. And be able to do it in 60 secs.

Lower cost

For medium sized Councils, the blinkNotices service can be put in place for what you’d spend on ‘messages on hold’ or a 1900 service. For larger Councils the cost comparisons are even more pronounced.

But whatever your size and technical capacity, your Council can provide your ratepayers with a state of the art solution that saves you time and saves you money (while also creating a lot of ‘good news’ media interest) for far less than you realise.

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