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Manage more than just sports fields!

The flexibility of the blinkNotices service allows Councils to publish any concise & sought after information. The sort of information that clogs your switchboard or swamps your Customer Service Desk, including:

Beaches - Coastal Councils are using the blinkNotices service to publish information on beach closures & other safety alerts.  

Road closures – be it either temporary closures for festivals/events or for maintenance repair purposes.  

Festivals and events - blinkNotices can act as a direct communication channel for your ratepayers, enhancing pre event publicity as well as publishing key times, event highlights and daily agenda items.  

Garbage pickups – gives people after hours access to confirm garbage pickup times & days for each bin type (recycling, green waste, etc), particularly if its not a weekly cycle.  
Office Hours – publish hours of operation & alternate contact numbers for facilities like tips, libraries, pounds and other resources in demand outside of office hours.

Other public facilities - such as swimming pools or tennis centres that become unavailable due to carnivals & competitions. Even picnic grounds or other general facilities that Council allows to be booked out by large groups.
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