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To secure and activate your keyword you need to create an Administration Account.

Important Mandatory Requirements.
When advertising your keyword to your users, it is a legal requirement that you include the 55c cost of the service along with our help line 1300 552 189. For more detail please click here


Why is this service free? What's the catch?
No catch. Keyword registration and access to the website to update and manage your Return SMS are all totally FREE and always will be.

There is a 55c charge to ANYONE that sends an SMS to 199 22767. This is charged to the users mobile account by their network provider, eg. Telstra, Optus, Vodafone. These network providers pass on a small amount of this charge to us , that's how we make our return.

Is this a subscription service?
No. There is no need for your players, coaches, students or parents to register or join in order to use the service.

What if my phone returns a message like "premium service barred"?
199 22767 is a Premium SMS number, just like the numbers you can SMS to vote and enter competitions on the radio and TV shows such as Big Brother. So your mobile phone plan must be able to send Premium SMSs to use this service.

If you cannot send Premium SMSs it might be because you have Premium SMS barring on your plan. To use this service you must contact your network provider (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, etc) and ask this to be removed. This is a simple process that you need to undertake only once before you can access and use BounceBackSMS.

Vodafone Customers Only.
Premium SMSs are NOT included in Vodafone's Prepaid Maxi and Super Caps. So, if you are on a Vodafone Prepaid Maxi/Super Cap, you cannot use this service at this time. You can however use the service if you switch to a Vodafone post-paid Maxi/Super cap plan or switch the the Pre Paid Texter or NightTalker. For more information about switching plans please visit

Do I need to register to the BounceBackSMS service?
Users do not need to register. Which means any of your people can use the service at anytime. The service can be accessed regardless of their mobile phone carrier but note that some User's call plans and mobile phone companies may require the User to request access to Premium SMS services. As a club/school/group, one of you will need to create an Administration Account to activate the service and nominate others authorised to update the Return SMS.

What does it cost to register a keyword?
Registration of a keyword is FREE. There are also no charges for sporting groups or schools to store and update their Return SMS (beyond the cost of the 55c text message if updating via your mobile phone).

How many keywords can I have?
Each club/school administrator can link up to 5 keywords to their Administration Account.

Do I need to create an Administration Account each time for each keyword?
No, you only need to create an Administration Account once.

How do I allow other people to update the Return SMS for our keyword?
You need to login to your Administration Account and for each keyword click on Registered Editors to add people and their respective mobile phone numbers.

What special characters can I include in my keyword?
To aid clear communication and ease of use, no special characters (including spaces) can be used in keywords. Keywords are alpha numeric only and are not case sensitive.

Are there any other restrictions for keywords?
Keywords must be a minimum of 2 characters and a maximum of 12 characters.

What if my preferred keyword is taken?
Depending on the nature of your keyword it may have been put on hold by BounceBackSMS and not claimed by somebody else. If so you will receive a message asking for more details to support your request for the keyword. Certain sensitive, commercial and generic keywords (place names, religions, country names, etc) are locked out of the system and cannot be used as keywords. If someone else has already registered your preferred keyword you can choose to append your keyword with a number and/or additional letters (as you might do with an email address) eg

Do I own my keyword?
No, BounceBackSMS always remains the owner of keywords (see Conditions of Use).

What happens if I don't use or don't want my keyword?
Any keywords that don't get accessed an average of 20 times/month over a 3 month period, BounceBackSMS may email you their intention to return the keyword to the available pool of keywords. You can of course respond to such an email with further information if you wish to retain the keyword.

Can I sell my keyword?
No, if you no longer need your keyword it can only be returned to the pool of available keywords.

Can I subsidise the cost for people accessing my keyword?
No, charges for the 199BBSMS number are levied by the phone companies and everybody accessing the BounceBackSMS service will be charged the same amount.

How many times can I change the Return SMS (return message) linked to my keyword?
You can change the message as many times as you need to, even multiple times per day.

How will people know my message is up to date?
The BounceBackSMS system applies a time stamp to every Bulletin Board message indicating when it was last updated. This will allow Users to judge the accuracy and validity of the messages they receive.

I have registered a Keyword for my soccer team. Do I need to create a new account if I wish to also register a keyword for our touch team?
No. You can administer up to 5 keywords from the one Administration Account.

I believe someone else in our club would be more appropriate to be the Administrator for our keyword. Can the keyword be transferred to his/her Administration Account?
Yes, simply contact us making this request.

I believe this service would be perfect for my Church Group. Can I register a keyword?
Absolutely! Although we are primarily targeting schools and sport groups, keywords can be use by anyone for any application. We have found that people are registering keywords anywhere from internal business communications to personal use.

I SMSed the keyword and nothing has come back. What should I do?
The Return SMS usually comes back within 10-20 seconds but on occasions, there could be a delay due to network congestion of the Telcos. This delay is usually no more than 3 or so minutes. There is no need to resend the SMS but, if your phone permits it, you may wish to check your 'Sent Items' and double check that the SMS was sent to 199 22 767. Note: If you misspell the keyword, a message will return showing this.

I got a message back saying that what I sent was not a valid keyword. Have I been charged for this?
Unfortunately, yes. Every SMS sent to 199 22767 incurs a 55c charge regardless of whether you have typed the correct keyword or not. So double-check your spelling before you send!

If you any specific questions in relation to the service, please contact us

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