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"When Ku-Ring-Gai Netball Association (KNA) explored improving its wet weather message service to its members, it found that BounceBack SMS provided a rapid and easy to access system to update its message regarding the status of games.

KNA has been impressed with both the simplicity at which its message could be updated and the ease at which members could access the message."

Ron Barnes
Ku-Ring-Gai Netball Association

"Charlestown Netball Association previously had given washed out information to the local radio stations and had answered the hundreds of phone calls that arrived from 6:30am on the day of play.

This year we decided to give BounceBack SMS a go to see if it would help our members, the response has been nothing short of fantastic, our last wet weather day we only had a handful of phone calls, mainly from Grandparents who were going to watch their grandchildren.

The system is so simple use, takes about 30 seconds to update either via the web or your mobile and the message is out there instantaneously for all members to access.

We run a Saturday competition and a Friday School Competition, they have their own keyword so the messages are individual to both competitions. The parents, players and officials all love the system as they can access the latest information themselves and do not have to rely on someone else finding out the information and passing it on.

I would thoroughly recommend BounceBack to all sporting Associations, Clubs or Teams."

Dianne Pascoe
Charlestown Netball Association

"After receiving a flyer and speaking briefly by phone, Lakeside Netball Association decided BounceBack would help stop the countless phone calls received on a Saturday. I found setting up BounceBack and renewing the message quite straight forward, my only problem was deciding on an appropriate keyword.

The majority of feedback from our members has commented on how little the service costs, how easy it is to use, and how fast they receive the return message. They believe all sporting clubs/associations should adopt this service. Other systems cost more, charge per minute, and you can't always get through immediately. We think BounceBack is fantastic."

Karen Johnson
Lakeside Netball Association

"We've been using BBSMS for a few years now along with several of our member clubs and we find the service fantastic. Previously we would have advised people by phone, which was time consuming and costly. With BBSMS it's up to the players and parents if they want to know what's happening and whether a ground is open, or a game or training is postponed for whatever reason. Many of our parents have remarked on how good it is and for us it's just a case of updating details on a website in less than a minute.

For us BBSMS is a convenient, easy to use and very fast, efficient way to communicate."

Dave Johnson
AFL Illawarra Juniors

"I found out about BBSMS from the Athletics NSW web site and I thought this would be better than having every Tom, Dick, Harry, Jane etc calling me while I put out equipment. I also thought it would be better than all our members calling our championships officer or myself and getting an engaged signal while we are talking to some one else on our mobile phones. The system is very handy and easy to update over a computer, so I usually do it at work on a Friday.

The service is used to provide wet weather updates, quick changing carnival information and reminders. We highlight our keyword on our web page and newsletters, and while some people still call me or other committee members for updates, that number is decreasing. As with all new systems, it is an education process but we are getting more and more people using the system as they realise how easy it is and you are not held up with busy tones etc. The information cards also help make our members aware of the service."

John Galea
Nepean Little Athletics

"BounceBack SMS has definately changed the way Wyong Soccer Club updates its members. With almost everyone carrying a mobile phone these days, we find it the simplest and quickest way to keep people informed.

It's a one stop, direct contact point for members to get the latest news about any game changes as well as field and training status. And from the club point of view, it couldn't be easier; instead of making a heap of phone calls, we have the flexibility of updating info in an instant from anywhere! Great idea, great product!"

Steven Clark
Wyong Soccer Club

"We have over 300 families associated with our club and let me tell you the recorded message service runs hot at times, we could have people trying to ring for hours but not any more, not with BounceBackSMS."

We have been using the service for our Summer six-a-side competition and its proven to be a real hit, all our members find it so much easier being able to get an update at a time of their choosing as it allows them to plan the rest of their day/night or even people commuting home from work unable to access our website they just SMS our keywords. And being a text based service its pretty much relevant to every one of our families as most have multiple mobile phones these days.

We can't speak highly enough of the BounceBackSMS service, its going to cut down our telephone bills, reduce the calls we have to answer directly and provide better and more timely information to our members. We can't see a down side, we just wish the BounceBack guys had developed it years ago."

Kevin Wilson
Kanwal Warnervale Rovers Fooball Club

"The June long-weekend floods on the Central Coast and Hunter Regions (2007), caused power to fail in these regions. Consequently our school lost power and telecommunications as a result.

Our evacuation policy was put in to play, yet the Central Coast infrastructure became clogged with everybody needing to either call someone or get somewhere as roads closed. Our aim was to have parents collect their children and take them to the safety of their homes.

With almost 600 children plus staff on site and one landline that worked intermittently, we had to rely on mobile phones to communicate with our community. Mobiles soon became unreliable with the congestion. The final and most reliable means of communicating to our parents was via Darren Besgrove's BBSMS.

The minimal power that SMS's draw meant that messages could travel to our "SMS Bulletin Board" and onto parents with greater reliability than all the other methods of communicating. We have had BBSMS as a general communication tool in our Middle School, but we have now incorporated this means of communication into our school policy for not only sports but also for evacuation procedures.

Our heartfelt thanks to Darren and his team, in a desperate bid to communicate with our parents, I called Darren's mobile and he helped instruct us on the procedure to modify the messages on our bulletin board, using a mobile phone, as the circumstances changed, Cheers mate"

Bill Creanor
Wyong Christian Community School

"Darren told me about the bounce back SMS service and I thought it was a good idea, but didn't have use for it. Sometime later, my husband had a stroke and was ill in hospital for a month. I was spending all my time in the hospital and unable to take calls because the hospital was a mobile-free zone. I used the bounce back SMS service to keep friends and family up to date on what was happening. When he had surgery, I posted frequent updates whilst he was in ICU.

The service was fabulous! It meant that I could concentrate on my husband and still get the message out about what was happening. Although it was good to know that so many people were thinking of him, it was also good not to have to repeat the news to many people again and again. It made my life a little bit easier during a very stressful time."

Bronwyn Evans

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